Edge Analytics Solution

The Edge Analytics
Solution Delivers

Reach Everywhere

Edge Collection

Manage and access data that is collected and stored at edge stores located near the sources of their data.

Cross Network Analysis

Gain insight across the entire network of edge stores through a single point of access point.

Centralized Control

A "single pane of glass" for managing a few to managing a few thousand of edge stores.

Decentralized Processing/Fulfillment

Analytics are distributed and executed at the edge - removing latency and bandwidth limitations. Change anything once centrally and have it autonomously fulfilled everywhere.

Universal Connectivity

Standard SQL connectivity over industry standard interfaces.

Control and Insight

Indefinite retention of every granular detail provides a complete and comprehensive picture of activity everywhere.


Highly Secure

Inherent Security

No reliance on network or data centre security.

Edge Protection

Prohibited direct access to edge stores secures the data at the edge.

Minimized Exposure

Avoiding the transport of sensitive data to a central location minimizes its exposure to unauthorized access.


The encryption of all data in flight.



Simple Data Management

Automated data replication and synchronization across edge stores.

Always Fast

No need to design, tune or optimize for performance.

Automated Roll Out

Automated propagation of central commands.

Data Removal

Automated data aging, at network speed.

Highly Available

Always available for data collection and immediate data access.

No Full-Time DBA Required

Run at the edge for years without change.


Future Proof

Any Size

Grow from GB to PB with ease. Each edge store can handle hundreds of terabytes.

Fast Response Times

Fast and predictable query response times to any query.

Network Speed

Consume data as fast as it is produced - millions of messages per second per edge store.

Small Hardware Footprint

Small commodity hardware with high capacity high latency disks.

Lifetime Analytics

Fast response times for all queries without requiring change, re-design or data reload.


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